• Model No.:JNa10
  • 10inch-2way PA/Stage speaker
  • Frequency: 40Hz-20KHz
  • Normal Impedance: 8Ohm
  • SPL 96dB/W/M
  • RMS/Musical/Max.Power: 70W/140W/280W
  • Durable scratch-proof paint protection for 12mm MDF wooden cabinet
  • Heavy duty metal handle
  • Steel grill
  • 1 Dome tweeter driver
  • 10inch long-throw composite woofer
  • 35mm injection ABS plastic pole mount built-in
  • Size (W*D*H): 30×28×40cm
  • Model No.:JNa18SB
  • 18inch powered subwoofer system
  • Frequency: 35Hz-350Hz
  • Normal Impedance: 8Ohm
  • SPL 97dB/W/M
  • RMS/Musical/Max.Power: 150W/300W/600W
  • Durable scratch-proof paint protection for 15mm MDF wooden cabinet
  • Heavy duty metal handle
  • Steel grill
  • 18inch long-throw composite woofer
  • 35mm metal pole mount built-in
  • Multi-function powered amplifier
  • Size (W*D*H): 48×61.3×53cm
Class AB Amplifier
Subwoofer Power:300WATTS
Satellite Power:2x100WATTS
System Freq.Resp.: 40HZ ~ 20KHZ +/-3dB
Subwoofer Freq. Resp.: 40HZ ~ 150HZ +/-3dB
Satellite Freq. Resp.: 150HZ ~ 20KHZ +/-3dB
4 MIC(XLR x 2 and 1/4"Phone Jack x 2)
2 Line(1/4"Phone Jack x 2)
MAIN OUT (1/4"Phone Jack ) and Master Level Control
AUX OUT (1/4"Phone Jack ) and AUX Level Control
PRE OUT (1/4"Phone Jack ) and Level control
HEADPHONE OUT (1/4"Phone Jack ) and HEADPHONE Level Control  
HI 12KHZ , +/-10dB
MID 1KHZ , +/-10dB
LOW 50HZ , +/-10dB
Echo and echo delay control
AC Power Input Socket
With Overcurrent,Short Circuit,
Overload and Overheat Protections